Proudly Serving Norwalk, CT

Located in southwestern Connecticut on the northern shore of Long Island Sound lies the city of Norwalk. Here, you can find a variety of attractions, shopping opportunities, and first-class restaurants. Not only that, but since it is located on the shoreline, Norwalk offers access to boating and other water activities. The city also offers over 1,000 acres of public parks and 70 acres of waterfront parks. It boasts a strong school system with 20 public schools. The programs and services that are offered in the area help enhance the community and make it a great place to live, work, and play. In fact, around 88,300 people call Norwalk, CT home. 

While many families create their lives here, these same families may need to find a final resting place for their loved ones once they have passed. At Riverside Cemetery Association, we are a private non-sectarian cemetery offering cemetery plots for all religions or ethnicities.

Make Arrangements with Our Cemetery

Whether the death of your loved one was sudden or expected, the loss is indescribable. We can help take some of the stress away from you during this difficult time. We offer in-ground casket and cremation burials, as well as above-ground burial options which include a columbarium and private or communal mausoleums. 

Pets become part of the family, too. When you are looking for a pet cemetery, consider Riverside Cemetery. We have provided pet burials for over 15 years allowing your entire family's burial needs to be taken care of all at the same cemetery. We understand the importance of family and take care of your family as if they were our own. Contact us today for more information.